Saturday, 22 October 2011

Visual Design

Oh dear, I think I am a little behind with writing stuff on here -__-‘ I will do my best to catch up though! It is a bit difficult I suppose as I’m really not used to writing a blog. OK, so I will write about my first proper Visual Design lesson. 
Here we were set the task of creating many little sketches of the local river and a large A3 final drawing. I found the perspective side a bit difficult as I haven’t done about perspectives since AS level Art (3 years ago) so it took me quite a while to create something that looked remotely like a river. After a few days of traipsing back and forth from my uni accommodation to the river, I found that I had got a hang of one-point perspective and I was actually quite proud at what I had achieved, I finished my final piece for the next visual design lesson. 

However as I don’t know how our work is marked I expected to hand in my sketchbook like I had done in my foundation course to receive feedback. We just went straight on to drawing an arch and I found this a little unusual because of what I have been used to in my past education, I don’t really know how you could prove that everyone has done the work on time. Anyway the arch was quite a challenge to draw because it wasn’t clear at first where the horizon line was and the vanishing point appeared to be through a wall! I was glad that we had started with something easier like the river and then moved onto the arch, as there was a lot of detail in the arch itself, let alone all of the trees and the cobbled road surrounding it, so I was glad to have had some practice with perspective first. 

After this I realised that maybe we aren’t handing in our work after each project so that it will be apparent on how we have improved with the different techniques at the end of the term as we will probably be given more difficult tasks each week. I was a little disappointed however with the summer project as a lot of people had put great amounts of effort into their work and it was explained on the sheet we were given to be an “introductory project” so I assumed that we would present or discuss what we had made with the class, as like an ice breaker.
Instead we just sat their with our work and then put it on a table and didn’t discuss it further. I had been stressing a little to finish this project as I had received the brief the day before I went to New Zealand for 2 weeks (3 weeks before the uni term started!) so really I only had to a week to create my paper project. I portrayed what the highlights of New Zealand were for me out of card, including the kiwi bird, the Punakaiki (pancake) rocks, their amusing road signs, (including a platform 9 ¾ sign at the train station!) Sauron’s armour at the Weta Cave, Hokey-Pokey ice-cream, the little one-storey houses that everyone lived in, Hooka falls, and the pretty maori tattoos and symbols etc.

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