Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The History of Games 50's to 70's

Video games were founded on the invention of computers and there has been some conflicting information over who invented the first game, some would say that the first game invented was Pong, others would argue that it was Spacewar! created in 1962, and if you would count an oscilloscope as a computer, then the 1958 Tennis for Two game would be your first choice. Personally, being born in the early 90’s I was quite surprised to find that games hadn’t been around before the 1950’s and had improved in such a short time. Admittedly the graphics in the original games are incomparable to current games on the market, but the advance in technology is astounding! 
Computers were developed by the military to enhance communication and weaponry, the development of using a computer for entertainment was just a fluke; After-all Spacewar! was created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology just to show what the PDP-1 computing machine was capable of. Original computers were the size of a small shop and required tapes to store information on, looking back at some of the old pictures of the computers I personally feel like I would like to see one fully working. 
I feel quite intrigued on how a big boxy keyboard with a cassette tape player that plugged into a television is even capable of displaying a virtual game that you can control. Computers of today would never have been a thought before the cathode-ray tube was invented and patented in 1948 by the U.S (which was a vacuum that allowed electrons to pass through to a fluorescent screen to produce an image) so I think that is worth a mention! In 1966 Ralph Baer created the first video game using a television screen and a handheld gun controller named “Chase”, which was made available to the public thanks to a company called Magnavox who packaged the whole thing together and sold it as the “Magnavox Odyssey” console. In 1972 Atari was founded by Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell, and they released the first coin-operated arcade game. Overall, I think that arcade games started the idea of playing games for fun in the early 1970’s, but I don’t feel that the creator’s of these games would have even dreamt how much games have grown in quality and popularity over the years. From just the invention of computers, billions of games have been created making people spend hours of their lives playing them and even inspiring people to want to be a part of creating them. After all, look how upset this boy gets over his Xbox! If that isn't someone affected by games, I don't know what is! :3

Here is a boring timeline about games/consoles, yay!

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