Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project "Have Fun" ~ Final Outcome

Project "Have Fun" ~ Designs

I started my design process by looking at other games currently on the market to decide what genre of game I will design. I looked at the different colour scheme that each of my chosen games from that genre had:

After much thought I had come to the conclusion that an Online Multiplayer First Person Shooter game for the Xbox 360 would best suit my industrial idea. The concrete works from my photos could serve as either a prop in my level or an actual playable environment. I jotted down a few rough designs to get an idea.
I liked the idea in Design 2, where the concrete building was in the centre and could be accessed as part of the playable area. I also liked how in Design 4, the building was the main focus, and the player was forced to go through the building in order to get to the other team. I couldn't decide between the two so I created a design with both of those ideas:

The concrete works will be just off centre, with rubble and barricades either side, forcing the players to go inside the building in order to fight each other to get points. Each team starts at different ends of the area, surrounded by a fence and some trees to stop players from leaving the playable area. Inside the building itself I was thinking of making it like a maze, so that it actually takes the teams a long time to reach each other. However this may detract from the purpose of the game, which is to kill off as many of the other team as possible in the time limit. 

From this design I then created a clearer design, (so not just me can understand the design) it is still quite basic, but I have a general idea of where I would like things to be in my level.

Hopefully this design should show off my ideas more clearly! Having three playable floors to my level design should be a lot more interesting to play. The team on the left must go up the stairs into the building, find their way through all of the rooms and corridors, go up a set of stairs and then proceed down the concrete chute to the other teams' area. The team on the right have to make their way up the concrete chute, down the stairs, though all of the rooms and down some more stairs to get to the other teams' area. Either way, both teams will probably meet up in the central part of the building, which is why I added so many different rooms to this part, so there are more hiding places and barricades to take cover under.