Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project "Have Fun" ~ Rules

From what I understand of the guides I have read, these are the rules of gaming environments:
  • The environment must guide the player through the level. There can be piles of rubble, walls and locked doors to prevent the player from leaving the playable area. Stairs, corridors and even the use of lighting can guide the player to the correct path.

  • The environment must be interesting to look at and believable, it has to convince the player that they are in New York or outer space for example, not just sat in their room in front of a screen.

  • Important information should be shown to the player through the environment, for example something creepy or disgusting might happen or has happened if they walk into a room with blood splattered on the walls.

  • If the game isn't worth exploring it is probably because the environment isn't interesting enough, it must be varied to look realistic, yet not over the top enough to look completely random. The colour scheme plays a big part in this.
I will try and apply these rules to my environment design for this project.

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