Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project "Have Fun" ~ Characters

The characters for my game should fit a certain stereotype and be really obvious what they are supposed to be without needing a title or description. I have decided that I will choose three completely different types of people for my playable characters: a Soldier, a Nerd, and a Player. I chose these because of being a gamer myself, I know that some days you want to be the trigger-happy person, some days you want to be yourself, and some days you just want to mess around and have fun, I feel that these characters are a good representation of this.

Starting with a set of silhouettes, I came up with some strong clothing ideas, which I feel represent the characters I am trying to portray. Obviously pose and facial expression will also play a big part in these characters, but I'm just focussing on outfits at the moment.

The soldier woman will be very strict looking, she is wearing a black formal buttoned military jacket with army print leggings and knee high boots. The soldier man will be quite laid back and big headed, he is wearing an informal army jacket with German army style trousers and boots.

The nerd girl will be shy and embarrassed but very clever, she is wearing a smart blouse and skirt with diamond patterned jumper, knee-high socks and round-toed buckled shoes. The nerd boy will be brave but quite clumsy, he has no social skills but is very clever. He is wearing an oversized super hero t-shirt, trousers tucked into knee-high socks, and a towel as a cape.

The player woman will be very big headed and selfish, like a proper diva, she is wearing hot pants, a boob-tube, and high heeled shoes with fish-net hold-ups. The player man loves himself and women, he will be very cocky and arrogant, he is wearing a bowler hat, a blazer with an unbuttoned shirt, flared trousers and smart pointed shoes.

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