Friday, 2 December 2011

Personal Gaming History

The first game that I remember playing was a castle game on the Commodore VIC 20 when I was VERY little, I can’t remember what it was called though! 
The earliest game I remember the title of is Hugo’s House of Horrors that was on floppy disk, I must have been very young as this game was released in the early 90s. 
I recently reintroduced myself to this game when I found it online as a Flash game, it was a text based game and after a while I got so fed up of it not understanding what I was typing, that I gave up – how did I ever finish that when I was younger? O__o' 

The next game that I remember was in a set of “Girls Club” CD-ROMs, called Stay Tooned!. This was by far the best game that I played when I was younger, it had a great storyline with lots of different things to do and surprisingly good graphics for a Windows 95 game. Eventually I found the wonders of the Nintendo 64 where I first played Banjo Kazooe, Poke’mon Snap/Stadium and Zelda. I then received a Playstation 2 for Christmas 2000 where I mainly played games like Spyro and a game called Dark Cloud (which was a lot like Zelda), I was too innocent for Grand Theft Auto! I played a lot more games on PS2, like Sims 1 and 2, and The Nightmare Before Christmas game, but some I won't really admit to *cough*HelloKitty'sRollerRescue*cough* … After years of playing my PS2 and the Warcraft trilogy on PC (World of Warcraft can go and die – it is NOT Warcraft). 

I then got converted into getting an Xbox 360 where I played Halo, Lego games and *cough*VivaPinata*cough*. Now I mainly play games with a good story-line such as Elder Scrolls 4 and 5, Fable 2 (Fable 3 was not good) and the Gears of War trilogy etc etc ^__^ I would say overall my favourite game would be Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, mainly because I only played on it as a fluke and I ended up loving it! My boyfriend got a copy off eBay for £4 unboxed (probably stolen haha) he played it for about 30 minutes and said it was boring and I could have it, I agreed with him that the first quest was boring – escaping some sewers with giant rats and goblins attacking you while you have nothing to defend yourself with. 
But the rest of the game was really interesting and I hadn't played a game like it before, the graphics (at the time) were breathtaking, and even though it was full of glitches I didn't mind because it added a humorous edge to the game! I will admit that I prefer Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion over Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim at the moment, as although the graphics are AMAZING, I don't really like the menus on Skyrim, I am too used to Oblivion, so the fact that there are separate buttons to open up the Save/Quest menu and the Items/Map menu confuses me a bit. For example, I might accidentally open the quest menu when in the middle of a battle because I wanted to drink a health potion, but because I opened the wrong menu and got hit before I could open the correct menu, I have been killed. How annoying! >:( On Oblivion the Quest menu and the Items menu was on the same button, so it was ok. Skyrim in itself is a beautifully put together game and I am happy that there a marriage option on it, I kept saying that the only thing that Oblivion was missing was the option to marry – you could get a house and fill it full of items but it was still empty. I think in a few weeks / months / whenever I have the time to play on games D: Skyrim will probably become my favourite, once I become more used to it.

Pretty *_______*

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Film Review: The Mist

This is my first film review, so it is a shame that I am doing it on such a ridiculously tedious film. The story starts when you are introduced to a family that is forced to stay in their basement overnight because of a storm. The next morning they emerge to find that most of the surrounding trees have been knocked down, destroying half of their house, and there is a strange mist creeping over a nearby lake. Ignoring this, they decide to go to their local supermarket, whilst the mist spreads trapping everyone inside the shop. Most of the movie is filmed inside of the shop, so the location becomes a bit boring for the viewer after a while. Eventually we learn that there are monsters inside of the mist that obviously want to kill and eat all of the people in the shop (I mean, come on, why wouldn't they?) A few days pass and the majority of the people become brainwashed by an irritating Christian woman and decide that they would be a lot happier if they sacrificed the little boy from the family at the start. Learning this, the family escape unharmed with the only two remaining sane people (and just happen to have originally driven to the supermarket in a big off-road vehicle with lots of fog lights) so escape was easy of course, although everyone else that had attempted escape got ripped to shreds! In the end they run out of petrol and decide that instead of trying to kill some of the monsters to aid their escape, they would just kill themselves. 
Unfortunately there is only 4 bullets left in their gun and 5 people in the car, so the dad of the family shoots everyone and gets out of the car (expecting to be killed by the monsters) only to be greeted by the army that have cleared up all of the mist and destroyed the monsters. What a stupid ending. As you can probably tell, I didn't really enjoy this film as the storyline was silly and filled with really obvious things (see MS-Paint image) the music and graphics also didn't do it any justice. The monsters themselves weren’t very scary at all, some just looked like giant flies and spiders, but the main big monster looked like a cross between a gazelle and a tortoise with tentacles on its body. (If you can't imagine this, I have drawn you a picture. :D)
However there is one good thing about this film that I will admit: I tend to try and find continuity errors when watching films, so I counted the bullets after the man said “only ten bullets left” and they kept it to the right amount, they shot 6 bullets leaving them with only 4 in the end. It's nice to see a pistol that doesn't have over a hundred rounds of ammo!