Friday, 2 December 2011

Personal Gaming History

The first game that I remember playing was a castle game on the Commodore VIC 20 when I was VERY little, I can’t remember what it was called though! 
The earliest game I remember the title of is Hugo’s House of Horrors that was on floppy disk, I must have been very young as this game was released in the early 90s. 
I recently reintroduced myself to this game when I found it online as a Flash game, it was a text based game and after a while I got so fed up of it not understanding what I was typing, that I gave up – how did I ever finish that when I was younger? O__o' 

The next game that I remember was in a set of “Girls Club” CD-ROMs, called Stay Tooned!. This was by far the best game that I played when I was younger, it had a great storyline with lots of different things to do and surprisingly good graphics for a Windows 95 game. Eventually I found the wonders of the Nintendo 64 where I first played Banjo Kazooe, Poke’mon Snap/Stadium and Zelda. I then received a Playstation 2 for Christmas 2000 where I mainly played games like Spyro and a game called Dark Cloud (which was a lot like Zelda), I was too innocent for Grand Theft Auto! I played a lot more games on PS2, like Sims 1 and 2, and The Nightmare Before Christmas game, but some I won't really admit to *cough*HelloKitty'sRollerRescue*cough* … After years of playing my PS2 and the Warcraft trilogy on PC (World of Warcraft can go and die – it is NOT Warcraft). 

I then got converted into getting an Xbox 360 where I played Halo, Lego games and *cough*VivaPinata*cough*. Now I mainly play games with a good story-line such as Elder Scrolls 4 and 5, Fable 2 (Fable 3 was not good) and the Gears of War trilogy etc etc ^__^ I would say overall my favourite game would be Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, mainly because I only played on it as a fluke and I ended up loving it! My boyfriend got a copy off eBay for £4 unboxed (probably stolen haha) he played it for about 30 minutes and said it was boring and I could have it, I agreed with him that the first quest was boring – escaping some sewers with giant rats and goblins attacking you while you have nothing to defend yourself with. 
But the rest of the game was really interesting and I hadn't played a game like it before, the graphics (at the time) were breathtaking, and even though it was full of glitches I didn't mind because it added a humorous edge to the game! I will admit that I prefer Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion over Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim at the moment, as although the graphics are AMAZING, I don't really like the menus on Skyrim, I am too used to Oblivion, so the fact that there are separate buttons to open up the Save/Quest menu and the Items/Map menu confuses me a bit. For example, I might accidentally open the quest menu when in the middle of a battle because I wanted to drink a health potion, but because I opened the wrong menu and got hit before I could open the correct menu, I have been killed. How annoying! >:( On Oblivion the Quest menu and the Items menu was on the same button, so it was ok. Skyrim in itself is a beautifully put together game and I am happy that there a marriage option on it, I kept saying that the only thing that Oblivion was missing was the option to marry – you could get a house and fill it full of items but it was still empty. I think in a few weeks / months / whenever I have the time to play on games D: Skyrim will probably become my favourite, once I become more used to it.

Pretty *_______*

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