Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas Project Ideas

I was a bit stuck on how to start this project so I thought writing my ideas down here would help. Ok, so I have to create a vehicle that can go on land, air and water, there isn't anything currently that exists with these properties other than a hovercraft (but that doesn't really travel very high in the air or go underwater). 

I looked on Google Images to find other people's ideas of what future cars would look like and I was pretty much put off by all of the hideous blobby shapes that people had come up with, I personally thought they all looked like computer mice and didn't really look like much thought had gone into the workings of the vehicle.
I gave this a bit more thought which resulted in me feeling disappointed that there isn't a submarine car that can fly through the clouds in today's existence, which then reminded me of the 1950s era. Back in the 50's there was a lot of technological advances (like video games!) and the people of that time thought that by the 2000's the human race would all have flying cars and robot house butlers (if only!) 
I think that by basing my vehicle on the 50's ideal future then it will be a more enjoyable project and hopefully a different response to the brief. Some of the most iconic cars of the 50s were the Pontiac, Chrysler and Volkswagen Beetle, I think that these are beautiful cars but not really the most aerodynamic looking. 
I would like to design something like from the old cheesy sci-fi films / t.v series from between the 50's and 70's which look more like spaceships than cars. I think I would like my vehicle to look more like a car but still have the features of the spaceship-like vehicles. To fix the problem of the older cars not being aerodynamic, I've looked into the sports cars of the age, which were quite narrow and had long fronts.

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