Thursday, 12 January 2012

Semester 1 Update

I recently had to create a CD with all of my up to date Visual Design work on, so that pushed me to get it all scanned! Unfortunately I only have an A4 scanner so there is a line in the middle of some of the work, but it doesn't seem very visible on the final pieces as they fill the whole page. 

Here is a quick update of my work up to today: 
Ok I think the last project I posted about was the car project, so after that we went as a class to The Newarke Museum to study the dinosaur bones which I really enjoyed (as it was a nice change from the car project). I decided to do my final piece as a digital painting as I hadn't tried this media for my past projects; using some photographs that I took for reference, I tested out how digital painting would look on bone structures by first drawing a dog-like skeleton that was at the museum. I feel that the end result was quite successful so I painted my chosen dinosaur skeleton digitally for my final.

A trip to Bradgate Park was the next project, unfortunately on the day that we went to the park, the weather decided to be the worst it had been all term and most of the class ended up with colds the next day! I didn't get any drawings done that day as it was constantly raining, so I just took reference photos instead. I wanted to use a water based medium for this final piece to signify that it was very wet, I ended up using Indian ink, as I also thought that the different shades of grey would look gloomy - reflecting on the weather.

The week after Bradgate park we had a mini test where we were set an hour to draw as much as we could of a still life scene, I spent a bit too much time drawing everything out and had just started shading when the hour was up, my tutor came to the conclusion that I needed to be more confident with shading as there was a lack of it, but I know that it was because I had spent too long on the proportions. From this I realised that I was out of practice with drawing still life scenes in a given amount of time, so I set up a still life in my flat which was a lot more successful – this may be because I was in my own environment or because I had given myself 2 hours instead of 1. Either way I'm sure if you compared them, then you would agree that the second shows off my talent a bit more.

The last project I was set before the Christmas holiday was visiting the National Space Centre. I really enjoyed this day, as growing up with a dad that is really interested in space means that I also have a slight interest in it. There was a lot of interactive things to do at the museum, including a very interesting film projected in an observatory style room, I would definitely go again for a day out. There were lots of different things to look at and draw like model rockets and spacesuits, but I was quite interested by the overall d├ęcor of the place; the majority of the doors in the museum looked like airlocks and there were different spaceships, satellites and planets suspended from the ceiling. I guessed that a lot of my peers would choose to draw a ship or a spacesuit for their final, so I thought to be different, I would draw an entrance to one of the exhibits. I chose to draw mine digitally so that I could experiment with different shades and techniques, I was really pleased with my final outcome as I haven't really had chance to experiment with digitally painting a whole scene.

Here are some updated pictures of my other projects that I have talked about previously - scanned pictures look so much better than photographs! 

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