Monday, 20 February 2012

Similarities between Alice: Madness Returns and Pacman

(I know that this comparison was meant to be between Pacman and F.E.A.R but I have never played F.E.A.R and probably never will, as I get scared very easily. Alice: Madness Returns is the scariest game that I own.)

Ok so firstly I am going to point out the obvious similarities between the two:
The aim of both games is to make your way around a set path, avoiding/defeating enemies and collecting certain things that have different affects on your character. Your character has a certain amount of lives and when all lives are lost, you are prompted to start the level again, resulting in a loss of what you have previously collected.

As we all know Pacman is a very simple 2D game that can now be widely played on all forms of media for free, so this is the only major difference between it and Alice: Madness Returns. The whole concept of both games is pretty much identical.
Obviously the overall style of Alice: Madness Returns is very unique, even compared to most (if not all) games currently on the market, because it has a very disturbingly dark but weirdly beautiful artistic style. The gameplay however, is quite repetitive and a lot of the time is wasted by running around, trying to find the correct way to go, whilst being ambushed by groups of hostile creatures.
So in conclusion, Pacman is a classic game and I wouldn't be surprised if Alice: Madness Returns would also end up being a classic in later years, because of it's beautiful unique style and its tie to Lewis Carroll's classic Alice in Wonderland storyline. Although both games are very repetitive, I feel that they are both great and although they seem completely different at a glance, they are very similar.
Pacman is on a rampage!!

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