Friday, 14 October 2011

Boring info about me! ^__^

Argh! I only just realised that there were specific questions to be answered, so here is some information about me that hopefully answer all of the questions!

My name is Samantha Lees, I don’t particularly like my name (as people tend to shorten it down to Sam. Sam is a boys name) so I prefer to be called Maffy (which is what I used to call myself when I was younger and couldn’t pronounce my own name!) I am 5”4ish, have blue eyes and long purple hair (naturally dark brown).
I come from Stourbridge (the dying town!) which is the other side of Birmingham and most famous for making glass, although there is hardly any glass being made there now, it’s more famous for charity shops and chavs! Yay! … :S
I chose this course as I have always wanted to work in the games industry ever since I was very young and first played on Banjo Kazooe on my N64, I’ve always wondered how the games were made and grew up trying to make my characters glitch out of the maps just so I could work out the construction of the levels.
Another positive of this course is that it is only an hour and a half away from my hometown, and as I have a long-term boyfriend, he can come and visit me every weekend! (and also I can go home if I’ve forgotten to bring anything!) Finally the biggest reason for me to study this course is that it is Skillset approved, and I had previously done a lot of research into which courses would make me look better in the eyes of the games industry :P 

My main ambition for this year is to make it to year 2 I guess! Haha.. I would like to make friends with more of my peers, but there is a lot of people in my class so I know that it won’t be like the foundation art course that I have most recently done, as there was only 10 of us specialising in Digital Applications so we were all good friends.

My interests other than my lovely Xbox and my boyfriend consist of going to concerts and festivals, I love metal music, Avenged Sevenfold is my favourite band and I’ve seen them once at Birmingham NIA and once and the Download Festival, although I must admit I prefer concerts over festivals as they are a lot less violent and I don’t end up looking like I’ve had a domestic! :D I have seen many other good bands most recently including Iron Maiden. 
I’ve also seen a few comedy acts including Ross Noble, Jimmy Carr and Lee Evans, which were fun! I like travelling to new places, I've been to a lot of different countries, my favourites being China, New Zealand, Norway and Finland, and my Grandad lives in Spain, so I've been there loads of times. 
I also actually like working! :O I don’t currently have a job but I’ve loved my previous jobs! I’ve volunteered for two local charities to get some experience and the people I worked with were lovely. I worked as Christmas staff for my local Gamestation last Christmas and more recently worked for a small company called Battlestorm HQ which is an indoor army-themed laser combat arena with replica P90 and M97 guns but I had to leave there to come to university, I will still go there to play though! Yay shooting children with lasers!

I guess I don’t really have a dream job title that I would want to be, I know that I don’t want to be a concept artist and definitely not a coder, but I definitely want to be in the games industry (and not in the retail side, as much as I loved working in Gamestation, it’s not really a dream job) so I will probably just carry on learning new skills until I realise what I am particularly good at and then try and get a job in that area. I think I have picked up using 3DSMax quite quickly, so maybe I am destined to be a 3D artist? At the present I don’t know. But here is a picture of a cat that is clearly Batman.
 That is all.

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