Monday, 10 October 2011


Hello and welcome to my first blog. (Yes I’ve never done one before, so bear with me!) Here I will portray what I have learnt during my 3 year BA (Hons) Game Art degree and share my feelings about how I have progressed.

Ok, so where shall I start? I am in quite a large class which is very daunting for me as I am quite a nervous person when introduced to new people, but hopefully I will get to know people a lot better! In our first proper lesson we learnt how to create a simple church in 3D Studio Max, I thought this was brilliant as we didn’t have any of those boring “ok so this is the start button” tutorials, we were just shown how to create the church and then were left to our own devises with this scary scary program! (I am a kinaesthetic learner so this suited me fine!) I seemed to pick up how to use the program very quickly and I was very impressed with the final outcome:

However, then we were set the “homework” task of creating a Dalek with no proper instructions rather than how many triangles it must be etc (no step by step instructions!) I managed to create the lower body on my own but then I got stuck on the neck and head, as I didn’t know if and how to piece different shapes together, after-all the church project was the first time I had used this program and I had previously tried to teach myself Blender which just resulted in a blob! This was another situation where my social skills failed me, I asked for help on my Game Art Facebook account and was told that the second years would answer our questions if we went into the labs. So I forced myself to go in, only to be faced by more people that I’d never met before, argh! In the end I unwillingly managed to ask for help in person and got my Dalek finished to a good standard.

You're probably bored to death if you read all of that, sorry! :p

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