Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hooray UDK!

I was very frightened to start using UDK because I had never used a game engine before and it looked very difficult to learn. However I gathered up my courage and opened the program, only to find that it instantly crashed my laptop! Hahahaha..oops! 
I then installed it on my PC and it worked completely fine! I quickly learnt the basic process of importing my models, assigning the textures and placing them on my scene and after a few hours, my building and my trash project was fully imported! I spent a bit too much time testing my scene as a level and seeing how my collision boxes worked, by jumping on my bin bags and running up and down the steps, but I was really proud of what I had achieved! 
I didn't actually have any problems when importing my models, the only problems I had was assigning the textures that Blitz had provided on their buildings, because obviously as I hadn't made them, I didn't know which texture went where! I'm not sure if I got all of the textures assigned exactly correctly, but it looked the same so it was close enough! :D

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