Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What a Rubbish Project! ..Literally XD

This is just a quick update of the first few projects I have done when rejoining the course after summer. We have been given two briefs in Game production set by Blitz game studios. One is to model and texture a scene of a pile of rubbish using either the given reference images or our own images and textures. The other project is to model a building that would fit in between two supplied buildings using our own textures and references.

Here are the final renders of my Trash Project:

I used a different rendering program called “Marmoset Toolbag” for this project, as the renders in 3DS Max don't really look realistic. I was quite pleased with this project as it looks like I imagined, and it was a good introduction back into the course. If I had done this project again I would have made the bin lid a bit more round, but I ran out of triangles because I was a little bit over ambitious with the items I wanted to add to the scene. However other than that I am very happy with what I created.

Here are the final renders of the Environment Task:

For this project I tried to get the textures as close as possible to the existing buildings, which was very difficult but I was quite pleased with what I achieved, I based the style of my building on the existing ones to make it fit as well as possible in the scene. I chose to make my building into a tea shop to add more of a unique focus to it. If I did this project again I would have got round to texturing sooner, because I had a bit of a problem with the normal and alpha maps, but it was all sorted in good time for the deadline!
Now that I am happy with both of these projects, I have to export them together into UDK. I am quite scared about this because I have never used UDK before, I have only ever seen it on other people's screens and it looks very daunting! It's like now that we're reasonably confident with 3D Studio Max, we're presented with an unknown program and thrown into a world of confusion again! AAAARGH! D:

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