Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Visual Design Update

This is just a quick update on what I have done for my Visual Design lesson so far. After the preliminary sketches of the archway, I managed to finish the final drawing in good time, I used pen on brown paper to achieve an aged look. Plus I love working in pen and it created a different affect. 
I found the car project to be the most challenging. I have never drawn a realistic looking car in my life, so being asked to draw one alone was a scary thought and the fact that I had to draw it in 2-point perspective was even more frightening! My first attempts at preliminary sketches were pathetic but I got the hang of the technique eventually. When sitting in my bedroom flat, I just happened to glance out of my window at the car park, and I saw the perfect car! It was really round so I was a bit reluctant at trying to draw it, as although I had got a hang of the 2-point technique, I had only tried drawing boxy cars. I loved the look of the car so much that I forced myself to be able to draw it!  
(it looked a lot like Pikachu to me) I created my 2-point box and started drawing, and it just worked! I had some quite decent sketches of a car in front of me, I was so proud of myself! I took a photo with my phone while I was sketching the final as it was starting to get dark and I was losing the highlights on the car (my camera was charging, as I was going out that night) I finished off the final drawing of the car the next day using Indian ink for shading. 

All in all, I think I have learnt some valuable new skills and these projects have given me the chance to re-introduce myself to some of my old skills. I will do another update when I have finished / scanned my other pieces.

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